Since Election Day, since the world’s population minus one, has known the result of the presidential election, reporters and pundits keep writing, “Who has the standing to tell President Trump that it’s time to concede?”

I’m going to assume they were serious when they wrote those articles and columns but, as we’ve gotten to know, the real Donald Trump is what we’ve seen.

Meaning, if his favorite president, Andrew Jackson, came back to life leading a delegation of Abraham Lincoln, Marlin Luther King and John F. Kennedy, he would not listen to them.

So, quit kidding about “if only Sen. Mitch McConnell” would go to the White House and deliver the news,” and stop arguing about who is today’s Barry Goldwater who can march down and deliver the news. There is no one Donald J. Trump would listen to save, maybe, for his father coming to him. …

The clown car is emptying to give one last theater of the absurd performance.

Lawyers for the President of the Red States of America held, well, I’m not sure what they held yesterday. They said it was a press conference but it played more as a not-the-situation comedy.

Putting aside Rudy Giuliani’s hair dye cascading down his face, because that’s just too easy a laugh line to use (oh, sorry), the big claim by Attorney Sidney Powell was so convoluted, it is difficult to reproduce here. …

The election results are sadder than I thought they’d be but not for the reason I thought they’d be. And it’s not totally President Trump’s fault. Not entirely anyway.

Trump’s true supporters are nothing but loyal. Yesterday I posted on my Facebook page an article reporting that a sex offender attended Rudy Giuliani’s, the President’s personal attorney, press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia.

I posted no comment, just the article. At least two folks posted comments claiming it was fake news, pointing out that was Hunter Biden next to the President-elect at his acceptance speech, the “ever chaste” Vice President-elect Kamala Harris at the microphone and “Joe the guy who can’t think or speak straight.” …

When CNN announced that Joe Biden was the projected winner of the presidential race Saturday something changed in the universe. Some people said they exhaled. Some said the sun got brighter. Me? I felt lighter, relieved. All of a sudden certain things didn’t matter as much as they did 10 minutes before.

For example, I didn’t go rushing to check Twitter to see what President Trump said. I really didn’t care. Other thoughts went through my head:

Nero fiddled. Trump was playing golf when resolution of his re-election attempt was announced.

Of course you knew that when Trump’s campaign announced it would fight for every last legal vote and against illegal votes, you also knew the emails asking for money for his defense fund were right behind. (By the way, half the money from the legal defense fund can be moved to the retire-the-campaign debt fund. That would be the fund that Trump said he’d likely lend money to when it ran low. There was about enough chance of that as there was for Mexico paying for the wall.) …

President Trump’s performance from the White House briefing room last night was … well, I’m not sure I have the appropriate word for it. Atrocious. Mind-bending. Crazed. Crazy. Beyond the pale. Out of control.

I’d like to say I’ve come to expect it of him but this time — I literally couldn’t go to sleep after watching him. He sullied this country’s standing as a model of democracy. He not only stepped on the Constitution, he stomped it into oblivion. The same Constitution he took an oath to defend and protect. One more lie from Donald J. Trump.

I know, I know. But the judges. As our next President likes to sway, “C’mon, man.” No policy agreement overtakes respect and following the Constitution. And to my friends who disagree, I have nothing more I can say to convince you. I’m not even going to try anymore. …

While the huge crowds President Trump continues to draw say his supporters are enthusiastic and will turn out to vote, he has done nothing during his four years to expand his base. It’s hard for me to believe he can win with just his base, no matter how they turn out.

So, I believe former Vice President Joe Biden will win this election and it won’t be close. We likely we won’t know that result for a while, not because the exit polls will be wrong but because this year not only will there be patience in waiting for states to count their votes but because Trump will never concede. …

The Yos! Oys! have been absent from this space a while. They’rrrrre back!

A big Yo! to President Trump who must be a very happy camper lately because at his rallies he’s letting his hair down, so to speak, and started dancing! It’s a sight to behold, and then to try to wipe from your memory as he’s not exactly Fred Astaire.

An equally big Oy! to President Trump for his song selection. I mean they are all great songs but some artists have requested his campaign cease and desist using their songs because they don’t support the President’s re-election. There go songs like Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down,” John Fogerty’s “Fortunate Son:” and Neal Young’s “Rockin’ the Free World.” But lately the campaign has been playing the President off stage and into his dance mode with “YMCA,” by the Village People. …

President Trump is either a 74-year-old man who has reacted to the coronavirus in a way no other of his vintage has, is very sick but very good at putting on a happy face, or pulling off the best gas lighting of his career.

Who knows?

Oh, right, his doctors do. And his docs are either reporting limited but accurate information on his illness, telling us only what their patient wants told or, as befitting their military rank, following the commander-in-chief’s orders.

Who knows?

Oh, right, his doctors do. And so does he.

Anyway, we do not. And that is not only unfair to the American people but the ultimate lie that Trump has told, which is a mouthful. …

Last night was not a presidential debate. It was a call to arms.

The President of the United States when asked to condemn white supremacy instead looked into the camera and told the Proud Boys, to “stand back and stand by.” Seemed pretty clear to me that when you tell a (mostly) white, male-only organization that was formed to engage in political violence to “stand by,” Donald J. Trump is telling them to get ready for election night and do what you do.

Trump likely cannot win this election without suppressing the vote. And if that doesn’t work, he is promising violence. …

The first, and likely most important, debate of the presidential campaign is tonight.

The stakes are high, even though most every voter seems to have made up his or her mind who they’re supporting. It could be, though, those few who haven’t decided or go back and forth will make the difference on Nov. 3. The estimates of undecided or those who can change their mind ranges from 3 percent to about 10 percent in various polls. Enough to sway what most experts expect to be a close election.

The candidates appear to have different styles for preparing. Former Vice President Joe Biden is doing traditional preparation with mock debates. President Trump is doing his unique version — no specific prep but his job, as he says, and being asked questions by staff, and media as the debate nears. …


B. Jay Cooper

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog:

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