As the Beatles sang, ‘when I’m 64, uh, 74'

B. Jay Cooper
3 min readJun 9, 2024

Ever watch TV and a story comes on that says, for example, Neil Sedaka is 85 this year and you go, man, is he getting old?!

Then, a second later it hits you: I’m 74, he’s not much older than I am (and never was).

Did you notice, by the way, that Paul McCartney will be 81 in a few days? I mean, well, you know. “When I’m 84” wouldn’t have been such a good song for Baby Boomers. Back then, anyway. Today, it probably would work.

Sports heroes of my youth are dying: UCLA/NBA star and weird but lovable Bill Walton; Mr. Oakland Raider Jim Otto; golfer/announcer Peter Oosterhuis; quarterback Roman Gabriel. I mean, what the heck? Today, I couldn’t tell you who the L. A, Rams quarterback is, Gabriel I knew.

The majority of baby boomers, we never knew our great-grandparents. Hell, we didn’t even know the names of our ancestors going back maybe one or two generations.

Today, the average age of great-grandparents is 75. I became a great-grandfather for the second time before I was 73. OK 0K, that’s a function of, as with many in my generation, an early marriage resulting in having kids when I was young, and my kids having kids when they were even younger. Plus, medical research is helping us all live longer. Not that I’m old (before you say it).

But, give me this one, I’m the father of a grandmother? WT-. A beautiful and young looking grandmother, of course (she sometimes reads these posts. Kidding, she is beautiful and…



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