Bet on the Deep State!!

B. Jay Cooper
1 min readJan 31, 2024

Taylor Swift.

There, that should be good for, minimum, adding 10,000 to my readership.

While I’m on the subject, though, the crazy right-wing conspiracy theorists have this theory/belief that Swift is a government plant!

They believe she is being used to, eventually, endorse Joe Biden (again). That she and her equally Deep State Plant boyfriend, Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, coupled up not out of love, but to draw attention to themselves (as if they needed any more) so that, at the right time (halftime of the Super Bowl at the 50-yard line?) they will endorse Joe Biden!

That will, the theory goes, push Ms Swift’s 284 Instagram followers to vote for Joe Biden!!!! (the conspiracy theorists apparently believe no Swifties are Republicans).

But wait, there’s more! Kelce was selected to be her partner because he too was working, for the Deep State, as a Pfizer pitchman to push more people to get vaccines! Dastardly bastard!

And, one more (at least) just as the 2020 election was rigged, the Super Bowl is rigged for the Kansas City Chiefs to win!!!!

Following this path (if anyone can) and thinking maybe out of the box (but maybe not) it means all those subscribing to these theories/beliefs should/will bet on the Chiefs!

Thus, this theory is all about what America is really all about — money.


(Only facts were used to compose this post because you just can’t make this stuff up.)



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