Polls across the country are pointing to a big win for former Vice President Joe Biden in the presidential election — in the national vote, in the battleground states.

You might recall the same was true four years ago when Hillary Clinton was the Democratic candidate.

And we saw how that worked out.

It doesn’t appear, at this moment, that President Trump has a way forward, but he does.

I wrote a bit about this a couple of weeks ago in a post headlined “Don’t Get Cocky.” Since then things have only looked better for Biden. At this moment.

What is Trump’s path to winning? I can think of a few possibilities:

** The investigations being done over at the Department of Justice into the investigation of Trump over potential collusion with Russia in the last election. Attorney General Barr made clear yesterday that he will release a report before the election if it’s ready. Trust me, it will be ready. And my guess it will show something not kosher about the Obama/Biden Justice Department –real or unreal.

** A solution to the coronavirus. Unlikely but Trump certainly is pushing for a vaccine before November — whether the scientists can get that done seems unlikely. But never say never (and I hope they do find a vaccine before then. Trump seems to have done enough damage to himself on his handling of the virus for even a vaccine to overcome. I think).

** A mistake by Biden. Trust me, again, he’ll make a mistake or two before the election. Most candidates do and Biden is even more likely than most. It’s in his DNA.

** An economic rebound. A real one, which again seems highly unlikely before the election. But you never know.

** He can act the part of a President of the United States. Again, very highly unlikely. But you never know.

** True riots break out everywhere and his “law and order president” candidacy becomes true.

** War

There are certainly other things that can go on that list, but that’s a start. I think most are highly unlikely to happen and if a couple do, will it truly help Trump win? He may have damaged himself enough to this point that he can’t overcome his mistakes and lies.

But I’ll repeat what I said a couple weeks ago — don’t get cocky. And vote.

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog: bjaycooper.com.

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