Is President Trump crazy like a fox, or just crazy?

I can’t make the clinical judgment but he’s no fox. He’s playing checkers, not chess. He’s a real estate guy, a transaction-guy. Get this deal done today and/or move on to the next one.

While he’s accusing President Obama of wire tapping his gold-plated building, that guy who is crazy over in North Korea is “sending messages” and missiles. So we may see played out very soon, Lord forbid, the consequences of Trump’s behavior on the world stage. His first real “crisis” is here and he doesn’t seem to be paying close attention, though our military is moving anti-missile systems into the area.

Trump is eating away at his, and the country’s credibility. That means he’s eating away at the country’s leadership. And if Kim Jong-un keeps seeing what he can get away with, those test missiles he’s sending will no longer be tests. That, people, is reality not “narrative.”

That is what the lack-of-leadership ability that Trump is showing is all about. It’s not about keeping anyone who is Islamic or any other religion out of our country, it’s about controlling a despot like Kim. And shooting over a nuke isn’t the answer, Mr. President. Might isn’t always the right answer, Mr. President, it’s the easy answer.

Trump has put himself in a box on the allegations of Obama ordering wiretaps. If, as Trump claims, Obama went to court to get the approval needed, it means the judge was given sufficient evidence that Trump is acting on behalf of a foreign agent, thus making him a potential traitor. If Obama didn’t “order” (which he legally cannot do) the wiretap, it means Trump will be a proven (again) liar.

No, I don’t offer up the third option that Obama had anything to do with wire tapping Trump because he just didn’t. And that’s not me believing the “fake news” that’s me listening to the people who were actually there on Obama’s watch and believing them, because they earned my trust when they were in office. Yes, trust is something you earn, it isn’t given freely. Plus everyone assumed Hillary Clinton was going to win anyway, so why would Obama risk prison and his legacy over wire tapping Trump?

This whole episode is showing us what is wrong with this White House, not just the President but folks who work for him.

That Sarah Huckabee Sanders has no place being on the White House staff until she at least understands that she speaks for the President, not herself, which flabbergasted poor Martha Radatz on television the other day. We really don’t care what Ms Sanders or Sean Spicer thinks, we want them to explain what the President thinks to us. Which, obviously, they are unable to do.

The best Spicer could do was “the President’s tweet speaks for itself.” Please, Sean, say it isn’t so that his tweet speaks for itself because it’s just too crazy to imagine. And, Sean, is the best you can do after the President makes up what is his biggest whopper so far, is to say the Congress ought to investigate it. Really, Sean? The President makes up something and, with all that’s going on in the world and our country, the Congress should stop cold and spend time looking into his imaginary wire tapping rather than doing things to solve problems for our people?

While the President worries about “changing the narrative” every day (or at least the early mornings of every day) the world may be going to hell in a hand basket because of him — allies not knowing if they should listen to his more reasonable Cabinet members or the President himself.

So, it’s not all about his Twitter tirades, those are a symptom of the bigger problem — that while our President focuses on the little things he asked all of us to leave behind last week, the bigger things can be taking on, literally, nuclear proportions.

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog:

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog: