DeSantis descending?

B. Jay Cooper
3 min readApr 20

DeSantis descending?



Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis seems to be learning what it is to be even an “almost” candidate for President.

His poll numbers are falling; immediately after meeting with GOP congressmen in Washington, another Florida House member endorsed Trump. DeSantis had asked folks to hold off endorsements until he’s in the race. And it’s not a good look when elected Republicans from your own state endorse your opponent.

A few of the other challenges DeSantis has at the moment:

  • Donald Trump
  • Key items in the agenda he is passing through his legislature are opposed by a majority of Americans (abortion, gun control, iron hand over teachers, among others).

Anything, of course, can happen before the primary season begins but for the guy who was predicted to knock off Trump for the nomination, DeSantis isn’t looking too good.

And, that’s against a guy who is the first ex-president to be indicted and arrested; this month is facing a civil trial in which he’s accused of rape; and who just saw Fox, which was a key reason his message got out, settled (lost) a defamation suit over its on-air personalities repeating Trump’s lies about a fixed election.

DeSantis, who is trying his hardest to make “woke” a word that will carry him to the White House, in recent weeks widened his war on the First Amendment, spoke of his desire to weaken libel laws and would make it easier to sue media outlets for defamation.

Last year, he pushed through a series of bills that banned teaching critical race theory and blocked discussions of gender preferences in his state (the “Don’t Say Gay” bill). His moves have led schools across the state to pull hundreds of books off library shelves out of fear that teachers and librarians could face prosecution.

Among his other claims to fame, he has shepherded legislation:

  • Passing a wide-ranging tort reform bill that makes it harder and more expensive to sue insurance companies and businesses. Even Donald Trump labeled it a “bailout.”
  • Allowing permitless carry, meaning you can carry a concealed weapon in the state without a permit or training.
  • After signing into law a 12-week ban on abortion, he upped the ante and…
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