For GOP, it’s Trump Road whether he wins or not

  • Suspended a duly elected state attorney who, among other things the governor doesn’t like, pledged he will not use his office to “criminalize” health care, including prosecuting women who get abortions and people seeking gender-affirming medical treatments. The state attorney, Andrew Warren, was suspended by DeSantis for being a “woke” prosecutor more interested in social justice than in enforcing the law.
  • Stripped away constitutional rights for millions of people in Florida, Black Floridians, who will now find it harder to vote because of a DeSantis law that creates unnecessary restrictions targeting election fraud that doesn’t exist.
  • Created a law where women stand to lose their right to make their own reproductive health choices. A judge already has ruled the DeSantis law is unconstitutional under state law.
  • Targeted the LGBTQ community with his “don’t say gay” law that stops educators from discussing sexual orientation and gender identity with students.
  • Accused teachers of putting “incredibly disturbing” books on their shelves
  • Signed a law that makes it easier for parents to challenge books and instructional material they don’t approve. Among the books banned so far or proposed for elimination: “The Handmaids Tale;” “The Kite Runner”; “Beloved.”
  • Targeted college faculty who, under a DeSantis law, would be surveyed by the state about their political beliefs.
  • Punished Disney World by eliminating a taxing district in central Florida that was favorable to Disney (creator of thousands of jobs and engine for millions in tourist dollars) because the company criticized the “don’t say gay” law.



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B. Jay Cooper

B. Jay Cooper


Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog: