‘I always tell the truth. Even when i lie’

— Al Pacino

Voters have assumed for decades that if there is one thing they can count on from their politicians — it is that they will lie.

Not entirely true though I get why they think that, especially these days.

Our society has taken a turn, for the worse, thanks to the man who resides in the Oval Office. Reality today is:

  • Based on records kept by the Washington Post, President Trump has lied an average of six times a day.
  • We have a White House press secretary who lies probably more often than that
  • We have Cabinet members who say one thing one day and are contradicted by the White House the next. And not on minor things. Recent example: UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said Sunday the U.S. would be slapping additional sanctions on Russia and the next day the White House takes it back. That’s not really a lie but you get my point.
  • We have a former FBI Director — James Comey — who has a reputation for truth, justice and the American way, who has descended to Trump’s level by ragging on the President in his new memoir for the color of his skin and his small hands (in addition to far more serious allegations). For the record, I believe Comey over Trump.
  • We have a lawyer to the President of the United States who has threatened and bullied to cover the President’s behind for years and who tried to hide the identity of a client because that client was, lo and behold, Fox News’ host Sean Hannity, who asked that his identify be kept from the public
  • Speaking of Hannity, one of the country’s most watched TV hosts, he lies on his show nightly, mostly in defense of Trump. And, is probably parsing his words quite carefully in why Michael Cohen, his and the President’s lawyer, listed him in court, before a judge, as a client
  • Bit players in the recent dramedy are porn stars, Playboy playmates, Russian oligarchs, Putin, and more.

What a world we now live in!

Overall, we are not dealing with the classiest of people. One of Trump’s surrogates on CNN the other day said Americans don’t elect presidents, or at least this president, because they want his moral leadership. I think most of us would disagree with that. It may not be the primary reason, but it’s high on the list.

As we get further into the legal handling of Trump’s personal attorney, Cohen’s history of “fixing” things for Trump, will only get worse. If he negotiated a payment to buy Stormy Daniels’ silence on her alleged affair with Trump, and another more than $1 million settlement on behalf of a now-former Republican National Committee finance chairman for impregnating a Playboy model during his affair with her, common sense tells us there is more wretched stuff to be found on Cohen’s underbelly.

Trump’s angry and obsessive reaction to the raids on Cohen’s office and home and securing of his electronic devise are a tell on that. Just as (today being Tax Day) his refusal to release his taxes is a tell on his finances.

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog: bjaycooper.com.

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