If you’re going to pimp out the U.S. …

Thanks to President Trump, the United States now is condoning murder by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. At the same time, he is looking the other way while the Saudis continue to mistreat and abuse women (despite that same Crown Prince’s smiling way of saying he’s making things better for women). Trump is still attacking judge’s appointed by his predecessor. He also is overlooking his daughter’s mistakes regarding email that are similar to his former presidential opponent and, well, it’s only early morning Wednesday so who knows what else.

This man, the President of the United States, is not a good man. Let me repeat: he is condoning the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia’s order to murder and dismember (possibly while he still was breathing) an “opponent” — a journalist. He may have done it or note, the President concludes. But, hell, let’s treat it as if he didn’t do it because he said he’d buy $400 billion of war products from us.

Oh, and my advice to you is: If you’re going to pimp out the United States’ values, at least get the money up front because it’s unlikely the Saudis will ever buy those products and, if they do, they may wind up pointed at us. Why get the money up front? Because my guess is the prince’s word is at least as good as yours. Jus’ sayin’.

My friends, we are not in the Twilight Zone, We cannot make Trump’s behavior the new normal and overlook it because his latest outrage isn’t as outrageous as his last outrage. My friends who read this and continue to support this man, you need to reassess whether your lives are really as better off as you think they are.

Because his tax cut is a failure, his economy (yes it’s his economy now) got a jump start from the last administration (whether you like that fact or not) and the market, as one indicator Trump liked pointing to for so long, has not lost all its yearlong gains. If he takes credit for its past strength, he also gets blame for its current declines. Sorry, time to put on your big boy pants to accept blame.

He did accept blame, kinda sorta, when he said he should have gone to Arlington National Cemetery on Veterans’ Day. Duh. Okay…it’s true. Your fear of going into a war zone is one thing (and I’m not condoning that) but going to Arlington??? Who’s gonna attack you there? A bicyclist giving you the finger? Oh, that’s already happened, and…you survvived!!!! Brave man surrounded by buff men and women with automatic weapons.

The front page of the Washington Post today led with the President’s decision to not accuse the Crown Prince of ordering a murder (and don’t think that isn’t being applauded in dictators’ offices around the world today!), The Post had a sidebar on the mistreatment of Saudi women and the next story that caught your eye was the one about how the acting Attorney General — that man who of course never winked at the President regarding how he’d handle the special counsel’s probe in Russia mucking with our election and the President’s campaign’s actions — a few years ago took over a dormant non-profit, raised right-wing dollars and became its only employee and then used it as a platform for right wing attacks, and got paid more than a million bucks along the way. A shining example of an Attorney General who will defend Americans against crime!!

And, yes, I’m using exclamation points just as Trump did in his statement on the Saudi prince because, well, doesn’t that make it more emphatic?

If you buy that, then let me end this way:

Trump continues to chop down the values this country was founded on and every president since Washington has upheld. Until now!!!!!

And, for emphasis, !!!!!!!!

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog: bjaycooper.com.

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