More on getting old(er)

B. Jay Cooper
3 min readOct 9, 2023

This post is only for those readers who are getting older. (See what I did there?).

As the aging process (thankfully) continues, the signs of old(er) age also continue.

I earlier reported that I now have a team of medical doctors and others. My team includes doctors (primary care, neurologist, ophthalmologist, optometrist, podiatrist, gastroenterologist, hand surgeon, surgeon, dermatologist, a chronic care nurse (she checks on me monthly and cuts through any medical red tape I may (do) face), an audiologist — OK, not a doc but on the team — and probably others I’m forgetting in the moment. My health is fine, but it does take a village.

There are a couple of age spots. My hair is grey but that’s been going on a while. Talking about hair, it’s growing where it never grew before. And if you’re old(er), how about those feet and how much uglier they can get?

The hand surgeon is new. I had what I thought was arthritis in my right thumb so my primary sent me to him. He said it’s “trigger thumb” (more later).

I talk to friends I’ve head for decades (I won’t say “old” friends) and we wind up talking about our health issues. Something I never thought I’d do. But here I am.

My oldest daughter is a grandmother thus I am not just a great-granddad but the father of a grandmother. She will be 50 next year (aren’t I 50?). I won’t out which daughter but, trust me, she doesn’t look her age (nor do the others).

I was in Walgreens the other day to get a couple of vaccinations (RSV and COVID) and while waiting I noticed a woman standing who also waited and there was no chair for her. I, of course, offered mine and she said quote “On no, you’re older you sit, I’ll stand.” If she ever had a shot at the Christmas card list, she doesn’t anymore.

The neighbor across the street uses his snow blower on our driveway, because he wants to help me out since I’m, well, you know.

Words and phrases start to creep into your language you never heard before. Words like “trigger thumb,” which is what’s been causing intense pain in my thumb joint. I thought it was arthritis.

When I told my ever empathetic wife, she said: “I guess you’ll have to get rid of that Colt 45.” And, no, I’ve never owned any gun let alone a Colt. Well, a fake one in my childhood cowboy days.



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