Never (ever) again

B. Jay Cooper
3 min readDec 19, 2023

I was talking to an old friend from Republican working days not long ago about the current presidential campaign.

He had no difficulty saying he was not a Trump supporter but had great difficulty trying to articulate who he could vote for. I offered that it is a binary choice:

Democracy or tyranny.

He agreed. But, when we attached names to each category he had more difficulty. Being a hard-core, old-style Republican, he has trouble voting for a Democrat.

He offered up Sen. Tm Scott and Nikki Haley as good candidates. Scott is no longer running and Haley is very good at talking around her true political positions (like abortion or Trump) so is coming across to some as a moderate, which she is far from.

It was a good discussion. Not an argument. Like the old days of politics. We could disagree but we weren’t disagreeable. We parted still friends but still not settled precisely on the issue.

It got me to thinking that people struggling with who to support because of long-held ideological beliefs, do have it rough. But Trump is the antithesis of those beliefs — he has no beliefs. He believes only in himself.

He appointed three justices to the Supreme Court who, as he promised, would overturn Roe v. Wade. And they did.

Now, he backs away form any real credit there because he knows it plays horribly with the general electorate. Just look at the mid-term election results.



B. Jay Cooper

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