Remove Trump’s’s Eddie Haskell!

Remember Eddie Haskell? He was Wally’s best friend on “Leave it to Beaver.” The guy who’d be all Mr. Polite and Sweetness, tell Mrs. Cleaver she looked beautiful today, and then, when she was out of the scene, flip to his real self — a wise-cracking jerk who mocked Wally and the Beav’s parents.

That’s the image I had yesterday watching Donald Trump’s not-so-bad visit with the president of Mexico and then his back-to-himself immigration non-reset speech.

The password for the day among his staff and supporters, clearly, was “presidential.” Trump would be “presidential” today — meeting with a head of state, giving a major policy address. Presidential!

He kinda-sorta was presidential with the Mexican president (well, except for that little lie about not discussing who’d pay for the wall) but from the git-go in his Phoenix speech he was the shouting, angry Donald Trump we’ve come to know and not love.

He promised a big, beautiful wall paid for by the Mexican government — “but they don’t know it yet.” Well, he had the perfect opportunity to let the president of Mexico know that morning but didn’t seem to have the guts to tell him to his face. I guess that’s what he calls being presidential.

He vowed to deport the criminal illegal aliens “in the first hour” of his presidency ( I guess as he’s being sworn in and transported to the White House for his parade, with maybe a stop at his new hotel which is on the way) and before he even finds the Oval Office to sign any order to deport those criminals.

Oh, and by the way, we’re no longer talking about the 11 million illegals in this country as he’s been saying for a year-plus. Now he’s talking about the 3 million or so he says have committed crimes here but are still living here illegally. That doesn’t comport with the best official estimates of the government, which is probably more in the hundreds of thousands (still a lot) but hundreds of thousands doesn’t sound so good in his Eddie Haskill-bully rants. And then he paraded those poor family members of people killed by illegal aliens across the stage to say they are voting for him. Very presidential.

And that 11 million figure he’s been using for more than a year? Now he says no one knows what the real number is. “it could be 3 million, it could be 30 million,” he said.

Oh, and not only will the Mexican government pay for his wall but the “Gulf states” are going to pay for the safe zones to keep the deportees after he tosses them out. Man, if we knew it was this easy to get others to foot our bills we shoulda done this long ago!! In his mind, these things are so easy! Thankfully, we’re not all residents of his mind.

Mr. Tough Guy, Mr. Non-Politican wimped out from telling the Mexican president he would, indeed, pay for the wall, using the excuse after that there’s plenty of time for that discussion (true, but when the president starts the meeting saying he won’t pay, it seems the appropriate comeback would be to reinforce your opening position, no?). And then Mr. Non-Politician played lying pol he says he detests the rest of the day. Using a teleprompter to boot.

In short, Trump was Trump yesterday. A guy who’s position shifts by the hour. A guy who is one thing here and the opposite there. A guy whose position you will never know. Never. Probably because he has no positions. Just lines to incite cheers from his faithful.

So, 10 weeks out from the election for any folks wavering on whether to vote for him, you now for sure know who he is. Not even a “typical” pol who covers his or her bases by parsing words, but a lying wimp.

I’d sooner vote for Eddie Haskell.


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