That was the President of the U.S.??

Stunning. Shocking. Not to be believed.

Was I watching a Saturday Night Live skit? Or did the President of the United States just stand next to the President of the Soviet Union, I mean Russia, and take his side over the U.S. intelligence community?

At best he said he believed both.

But the world was watching while the President of the United States chuckled over a question by a U.S. reporter asking if the President of Russia has something on the President? He knew he’d get no answer but he had the guts to ask the question.

In fact if anyone thinks we don’t need a free press, you only need watch that performance by Donald Trump as two American reporters asked the hard questions of Vladimir Putin. His press secretary picked, I’m sure, those two reporters to ask questions. And I bet she’s ticked she didn’t go with her gut and pick Fox News.

And, if by the time you read this, we haven’t seen resignations from some senior Trump Administration over that performance, then shame on them. And shame on the Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader for hesitating to call the President to task. Where is Vice President Pence? Are you really going to try to put lipstick on that pig, Again?

Does his performance rise to the level of treason? Not legally, I’m sure, but it certainly does in discussion. Is he derelict in his duties? Yes, in my mind.

He chose a thug who is killing people at his whim. A criminal who has made Syria even worse. A murderer. A liar. He chose Vladimir Putin over his fellow Americans and his own appointees while, literally, the world watched.

The leaders in Europe and around the world who are our allies must be not shocked but certainly surprised at that performance.
There almost are no words.


Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog:

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