The state of the union is fill in the blank

The state of our union is, well, fill in the blank. If you’re a Trump supporter things are great and if you’re not our democracy is being threatened.

From President Trump’s (intentional?) non-shake of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand, to her skipping announcing, “It is my high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the President of the United States“ to her ripping up his speech as he bathed in the partisan applause after he finished.

In typical polarized fashion, if you saw Trump not shake Pelosi’s hand and support Trump you saw it as a deserved snub and insult. After all, she just led the effort to impeach him. Or he may just have been demonstrating his germ issue and well known aversion to shaking hands.

When Pelosi skipped the traditional intro and you support her, you think he deserved it or, if you support him, that he just began his speech before she could get out the words, or she intentionally was dissing the President.

Trump should not have left her hand unshaken and she never should have ripped up the speech.

Indeed, we are one mucked up country.

Not to mention the Democrats kicked off the week with a disaster in Iowa where we still don’t have the final results (at least at this writing). And, what results we have show Joe Biden lagging in fourth place. Then again, that may be his best Iowa finish in three tries — so glass half full?

Trump’s speech included more exaggerations and lies than it did facts, and still he was interrupted mostly by Republicans for applause numerous times. Pelosi and others in her party were shown shaking their heads, slumping and basically ticked off by what they were hearing. Trump called for action on controlling prices for prescription drugs and a bunch of Democrats stood holding up three fingers, signifying HR 3, a House-passed bill, to do just that and that has not been taken up in the Republican-controlled Senate.

A Medal of Freedom was awarded to conservative firebrand Rush Limbaugh, recently diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, and it was hung around his neck on the spot. Instant highest honor the country can give a civilian!! A scholarship that “just became available” was given to a young African American girl, again live on the new reality show, “This is Just One Long Campaign Commercial.” To top it off a 100-year old Tuskegee Airman was promoted to brigadier general live on the air. And, a decorated active duty soldier was reunited with his family as he came out from behind the doorway to surprise his wife and kids.

Reality TV meet the State of the Union.

Impeachment was never mentioned but today Trump likely will be acquitted of impeachment articles passed by the Democratic House and he will witness Republican senators declare the charges not worthy of removal from office but with many admitting, in true Lou Costello fashion, that he did a bad, bad thing but he learned his lesson (like him or not, have you ever witnessed him learning a lesson?).

What would you call the state of the union?


Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog:

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