The tip of the Trump iceberg?

The raid on President Trump’s “fixer” yesterday may be the thread that unravels lots of troubling issues for the President.

I’m not a lawyer but the raid on Attorney Michael Cohen’s office by the U.S. Attorney of New York likely will produce more about the President’s personal dealings and cover-ups than Special Counsel Robert Mueller ever could or was assigned to take on. This newest investigation is not about the election but about whether Cohen broke any laws with, primarily, the payoff(s) he’s made on private citizen Trump’s behalf. Trump can yell “witch hunt” all he wants but by handing off the case to the U.S. attorney, the raid on Cohen’s office isn’t about possible Russian collusion with the Trump campaign at all.

And while the President yells about biased Democrats who are investigating him on the Mueller team, the raid yesterday was signed off by the highest officials in the Department of Justice — all of whom Trump appointed.

From what I can understand, Mueller’s investigators came across some questionable financial transfer(s) by Cohen, some of which were pointed out by bank(s) before the election (proof: Cohen’s payoff of $130,000 Stormy Daniels preceded the election by about two dozen days). This may be the main focus for the U.S. Attorney but it also leads to exposing many of Cohen’s files over many years.

This is not about Russian collusion, but this may be the way to uncovering a lot of things about Trump that he himself promised to reveal (his taxes for one thing) but never has.

Cohen reportedly has been at the center of everything Trump for many years. He was the one trying to broker a deal for Trump Tower Moscow, for example. The fact that he paid off Daniels for her alleged one night only affair with Trump shows he also has been in the middle of other such matters for the President. He is the President’s attorney and has been for years. Raiding his home and offices is akin to a raid on his daughter’s home. Cohen is family.

Mueller did the right thing suggesting the case be transferred to the U.S. Attorney since it didn’t fit his investigative mandate of Russia meddling with our election. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein did the right thing in deciding to hand it off to the U.S. Attorney and the U.S. Attorney, while heavy handed according to legal experts, did the right thing by conducting the surprise raid because there was a likelihood that Cohen might destroy potential evidence.

Trump did the wrong thing for the rule of law by crossing his arms (one of his physical tells) and ranting about Sessions, Rosenstein and Mueller, but if he thinks firing any of them over this is the right thing to do, he’s wrong.

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog:

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