Things that make me go hmmm

When CNN announced that Joe Biden was the projected winner of the presidential race Saturday something changed in the universe. Some people said they exhaled. Some said the sun got brighter. Me? I felt lighter, relieved. All of a sudden certain things didn’t matter as much as they did 10 minutes before.

For example, I didn’t go rushing to check Twitter to see what President Trump said. I really didn’t care. Other thoughts went through my head:

Nero fiddled. Trump was playing golf when resolution of his re-election attempt was announced.

Of course you knew that when Trump’s campaign announced it would fight for every last legal vote and against illegal votes, you also knew the emails asking for money for his defense fund were right behind. (By the way, half the money from the legal defense fund can be moved to the retire-the-campaign debt fund. That would be the fund that Trump said he’d likely lend money to when it ran low. There was about enough chance of that as there was for Mexico paying for the wall.)

Rudy Giuliani, in doing his due diligence for lawsuits claiming the election was stolen, tweeted out, “Tweet me your guess, while I go prove it in court.“ This is the President’s personal lawyer alleging election fraud against the President-elect and he is asking folks to “tweet me your guess.” And he’ll take that to court. Which is apparently what he did because so far every judge has thrown out his suits for lack of any evidence. Thus, America’s Mayor, aren’t evidence.

Which may explain holding the press conference about the “fraud” being held at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, a truly great landmark for the history books on this one. Such serious events require a serious location. Appomattox, Gettysburg, Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York is free=er to pursue any investigations it may be working on. Uh, whatever those may be.

I will not miss Rudy Giuliani, but I will miss Kate McKinnon playing him.

While I always thought the only candidate Donald Trump could beat was Hillary Clinton, the only candidate who could beat Donald Trump was probably Joe Biden.

President-elect Biden’s speech Saturday night was about us, not him.

I won’t miss Donald Trump Jr. either. Saturday night he tweeted, “70 million pissed off Republicans and not one city burned to the ground.” You can read that a couple of ways.

Kamala Harris, a black woman who is Indian American and the daughter of immigrants, is the vice president-elect.

Donald Trump is leaving the White House but he isn’t going to go away. The first part of that sentence is good enough for me.

Each presidential candidate received more than 70 million votes, an astonishing number especially in the middle of a pandemic. It’s a demonstration that democracy works and we should look for ways to make it easier, not harder for people to vote in the future.

Within the first 24 hours of news organizations projecting a winner in the presidential race, the President of the United States had played golf twice and has yet to speak a word publicly. Joe Biden gave a national speech in his first official effort to unite the country and visited the grave of his son.

Trump’s supporters, who would have grabbed the win if any news organization called the election for Trump argued news organizations don’t pick presidents. But I do recall them accepting the news organizations calls four years ago.

I worry about the next two months if Trump continues behaving as Trump behaves.

I do feel much lighter, though!


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