Time has come today and other rants

B. Jay Cooper
4 min readJul 10, 2023

Many years ago, I was a newspaper reporter. Deadlines were important. You met your deadline, you did your job. You didn’t make your deadline, well, you didn’t do your job.

That may be why I notice more (and probably are more sensitive to) people being late, which seems to have become the norm in recent years.

How? Well, you invite someone for dinner at 6 and they arrive at 6:30. Or, you have a doctor appointment at 3, and you’re not called in to see the doc until an hour later. OK, that one I cut a break because docs are under so much pressure to make money these days, they need to devote time to help a patient with their issue and they give me the same “extra” time if I need it.

Still, would it hurt those office workers supporting the docs to come out occasionally and say, “I’m sorry, the doctor is running late but will be with you soon (if it is going to be soon).” Even that nicety would go a long way to relieve my angst in not knowing what the heck is going on.

If you watch cable news regularly and they say the President will speak at 3 and then doesn’t show up until 5. That bugs me. And while I’m at it, when did cable news anchors begin to say things like “this just happened,” when it really happened hours before? Or, say the President will be speaking soon, when he’s already an hour tardy?

OK, one more, when did news anchors start to say things like “CBS just learned…” or “CNN just learned” when I read it in the Washington Post hours before? Then again, maybe they didn’t get to read the Post until “just” now.

Time doesn’t matter anymore, unless it’s a deadline for you to pay a bill.

Rant over

OK, rant isn’t over but this doesn’t have to do with being on time.
How about that Cong. Marjorie Taylor Greene? She of the potty mouth, non-facts, crazy-lady ilk? She apparently was just thrown out of the radically radical Freedom Caucus. That’s the one that requires believing in conspiracy theories, fantasies and spewing hatred toward various groups before being eligible for membership. That’s the one group Marjorie (pardon this pun) is Taylor-made for. But, she made apparently the only transgression that gets you tossed outta that group when she insulted, inserting a filthy word for a woman, co-Freedom Caucus member Lauren Boebert on the House floor.

Last rant:



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