Trump calls out Mueller by name. What’s up??

President Trump for the first time used Robert Mueller’s name in a tweet, a move I take to mean something is up. He typically refers to Mueller as the special counsel.

It is time for elected Republicans to follow the leads of folks like Sen. Jeff Flake and Sen. Lindsay Graham and publicly state the President should not fire Mueller.

The obvious: If it’s true that the President has done nothing wrong, he should want this investigation over. It is not a “witch hunt” as the President has called it and Muller has the convictions and indictments to prove that. Not proof of collusion, as Trump has maintained, but proof of the Russians meddling in our election.

Trump, though, now has upped his bet by calling Mueller out by name and I have a hunch that means he knows something we don’t. Maybe, since Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, as the President has been calling for, for months, maybe something is up regarding Mueller. Sessions can’t fire Mueller since Sessions is recused from the investigation. The deputy AG has resigned, so she isn’t going to do it. And next in line is the Solicitor General…who knows?

It’s all feeling very hinkey to me. Trump is making moves as if he believes he now understands the job he won, or at least he believes no one else on his team is helping him so he needs to assume full control. He is using Mueller’s name in tweets. He got his wish when the career bureaucracy recommended McCabe be fired. Maybe McCabe deserved to be fired, if he lied which is about the biggest no-no for an FBI agent because they lose all credibility with one lie. Not sure he deserved to be fired the day before he qualified for the pension he spent more than 20 years earning. That move is very Trumpian though.

And clearly the Russians did mess in our election. Why? Because their aim is to sow distrust among democracies, especially the U.S. And, they want us to not trust a free press. And they want us to believe only what they say we should believe.

Sounds rather…Trumpian no? He debases the free press, he tells us only he can solve our problems, he has further separated this country politically. And he, self-admittedly lies. As if we needed his affirmation to know that.

Maybe it’s coincidence that Trump is doing things the Russians have been trying to do to us for decades. It probably is. But, we need to know and Mueller is our best bet to find the truth.

Senators and Congressmen, yes you Republicans over there cowering because you are craven…stand up and tell the President to leave Mueller alone. If Trump is innocent, he should welcome the investigation’s results.

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog:

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