Trump indictment timing

B. Jay Cooper
4 min readMar 31

I have what I’ll call “mixed emotions” about the Manhattan indictment against former President Donald Trump.

I think, of course, that if a prosecutor has the evidence that he/she is convinced will result in a conviction, charges must be brought.

I also wish that the month-long recess announced for the Grand Jury earlier in the week had happened before this indictment was brought.

Why? As many have noted, the Manhattan case is likely the weakest of the potential cases against Trump because it involves, probably, charges that will be lesser than the other investigations might bring.

The “he slept with a porn star” case is the easiest to joke about and belittle as a violation of marriage vows not a violation of the law. A few weeks of the kind of attention Trump and his cohorts will bring to the case — and among his most solid of supporters — will belittle the case even more.

Of course, this case is not about his sleeping with a porn star but what he did illegally to cover up that affair, whether from his wife or/and the voters. The potential charges down the road — inciting an insurrection, trying to change election results and more — obviously have a more serious impact. Everything about the Manhattan case is being belittled already and, to be the cynic that I can be, is being used by those who were backing away from Trump as an easy road to support him, and try to win back his supporters.

Take the Fox News talking heads. According to news reports, each of them was…

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