Trump supporting friends, please take a step back

B. Jay Cooper
2 min readFeb 18, 2024

To my friends who support Donald Trump, please take a step back and think about just two things.

Vladimir Putin opponent Alexei Navalny was killed last week because Putin wanted him dead. Ninety years in a Russian prison wasn’t enough of a sentence for Putin. He needed him to stop breathing.

As of this moment, Sunday around lunchtime, Donald Trump has said nothing about Navalny or Putin. Trump did find time last week to let it be known that if any of our NATO allies “don’t pay up” he would tell Putin to “do whatever the hell he wants” to them.

NATO is probably the most successful alliance in world history. It works because we all stand together, which has kept dictators, including Putin, from attacking a member country. The former and wannabe future President, Donald Trump, though would literally invite Putin to attack a U.S. ally if they don’t “pay up.” Talk abut a protection scheme.

Saying something positive about Nataly and negative about Putin is a no -brainer when he comes to looking good in domestic politics. But Trump isn’t criticizing Putin and is not praising Nathaly’s bravery.

Please, take a step back. Why would he miss an opportunity to look good domestically as he’s running for President? It might even help him appeal to those independent voters who will decide this year’s election.

Maybe he’s playing to an audience of one in Russia? I’m not being snarky when I say that. I’m dead serious…



B. Jay Cooper

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