Trump thinks he’s King (he isn’t)

Typical of President Trump’s style, he is creating his legacy without earning it. Among the things he takes credit for are:

  • Improvements in cancer survival rates (he actually has cut dollars for cancer research in his budgets)
  • The biggest tax reduction in history (it isn’t)
  • The best economy in history (it isn’t)
  • The leader of another country winning the Nobel Prize (he had nothing to do with it)
  • Saving “pre-existing conditions” in health care (he did the opposite)
  • Bailing out farmers hit by trade wars (he instigated those trade wars causing the farmers to lose that money)
  • Making it okay to say “Merry Christmas” again (he didn’t)

You get the idea.

Like most thing in Trump’s life, he figures if he claims credit often enough, he’ll get credit. (he won’t).

Trump apparently also believes that as President he has a license of kill. His various explanations of why he ordered the assassination of Iran’s top general has floated among several options — from we faced “imminent” attack by Iran to they were about to attack four of our embassies and his latest which can be summed up as “the general deserved to die for all the heinous things he did in his life.”

That is true, but apparently Trump now believes he can kill at will and answer to no one. Let me quickly add: NO ONE BELIEVES THE GENERAL’s DEATH WASN’T JUSTIFIED NOR IS ANYONE TAKING HIS SIDE AND DEFENDING HIS MURDEROUS DEEDS.

It’s just that the United States doesn’t kill without a legitimate justification. And, it’s important that the Congress, or at least the Gang of Eight, is notified.

He even thinks he can tell the Republican-led Senate to just dismiss the impeachment articles about to be sent its way without any kind of a trial (a trial he begged for to show his innocence). Seems if he is innocent, he would allow his people to testify under oath to that fact. No one holds back a witness who can clear his name.

Bottom line: Trump thinks, as we all know, that being President of the United States equals being King/Dictator of the country and he can ignore the Constitution (he can’t).

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog:

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