Trump’s damage outweighs any good

I tried, I really, really tried not to blog about Donald Trump. It lasted a good two weeks. But, the past few days … well, he remains a danger to our democracy and I don’t care what good he has or hasn’t done for the economy, for defeating ISIS or keeping a few campaign promises that I really opposed anyway.

I don’t care that he is undoing what Obama did. I was not with Obama all the way but I’m also not for undoing what he did as the main focus for the government. We have other priorities. Maybe protecting our kids when they’re in school, for one.

But this weekend, Trump “demanded” that the Department of Justice investigate the alleged spy planted in his campaign. First, there was no spy — at least no evidence at this stage of a spy. Second, he should keep his hands off the Justice Department which side-stepped his demand but acquiesced to his desire and assigned their Inspector General to widen an earlier review to include whether any campaign had an FBI spy implanted in it.

Now, I know those of you who subscribe to conspiracy theories likely think that’s true. I’ll bet my Social Security check that it’s not true but it does provide Trump and his people a talking point to keep the focus off whatever his troubles are — oh yeah the investigation into Russia meddling in our elections and, the possibility that people in Trump’s campaign conspired in that. I never have thought there was conspiracy (collusion) with the Trump campaign. But he protests so much, I’m beginning to think there was.

This weekend I saw someone speculate that Trump was given a bribe to help that Chinese company who is the enemy of our people but we are now propping up because of the loss of Chinese jobs! Yes, the same China Trump has been railing against for two plus years. He’s trying to save Chinese jobs!

Up until January of last year I would have never believed such a rumor could be true of a President of the United States. Nowadays, it’s in the realm of possibility.

I’m sorry. I cut him no breaks. None. His learning curve is over. He has lost some of the best people he appointed because he is, basically, a tyrant dictating to the government as if he were a monarch. Tossing his appointees under buses. Contradicting Cabinet members repeatedly. And firing Cabinet members via Twitter rather than face to face like any human being would.

None of that other stuff matters. His “demand” for this investigation, which has been met by no push-back from Republicans in Congress, may just be the first measurable step he’s taking to establish his dictatorship. He’s laid the foundation for it for a year and a half making outlandish statements that his supports rally behind thus encouraging him to do more.

If he gets no push-back from Republicans, he will get away with whatever he wants until and unless the Supreme Court is given a case that can stop him. Until then, his actions will be measured by partisan wrangling — and not by looking at the facts provided to us (and the non-facts he provides).

He hired Rudy Giuliani, who he shunned for his administration, to be his mouthpiece so any reporter will take his calls (and they all will) to harp on the Special Counsel to “wrap it up.”

This is not normal. And to my friends who think I’m not recognizing the alleged good he is doing — you win. I am not in any, way, shape or form going to talk about the economy, trade wars or a possible truce with North Korea (which I don’t and never did believe would happen. Nobel Prize? Give me a break).

That’s my rant for today. See you the next time.

Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog:

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