We know what He created in 7 days; what can we create?

Like you, this presidential campaign has depressed me, disappointed me, frustrated me and appalled me.

I have learned very little about the candidates’ positions on issues but lots about their temperament, alleged criminal activity (emphasis on alleged), character, ability to insult and to take an insult, attitudes toward minorities and religions and the thickness of their skin. When’s the last time one of your considerations for a presidential candidate whether he or she actually committed a crime?

Mostly, I’m exhausted.

Seven days to go and our great national nightmare, well, doesn’t end but enters a new phase — accepting our president-elect and what will follow when he or she takes office January 20.

Prepare for more exhaustion, and depression.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, we will be waiting for the FBI to, again, tell us whether she violated and/or will be prosecuted for any violation of laws regarding her sloppy email practices. If Donald Trump is elected, we will be treated to day- to-day coverage of, at least, two of his court appearances — civil actions on whether he committed fraud with Trump University or child rape in another case.

Some things to look forward to!!

So, the nightmare will not end and the exhaustion will not go away, just stem from other causes.

I also have learned a lot about many of my fellow Americans. They are a frustrated bunch, on both sides. There is a deep divide in our country that stems from many things, including lack of retraining for jobs and re-education on what this new economy and job market means for folks trained for the old economy and old job market.

I’ve learned to not willy-nilly respond to anything political on Facebook because all that does is start another he-did-this-oh yeah, well-she-did-that discussion that accomplishes nothing and moves the ball not one inch. It just frustrates and exhausts me more.

My fellow Americans, many of them and probably most, are ticked off because the government isn’t working for them. The economy isn’t working, for them. No one is addressing their problems. And this election campaign may help to get out those frustrations, but which candidate can effectively change the country’s momentum?

I fear that isn’t what we are basing our votes on because character and temperament and honesty have superseded any policy positions as we wonder which candidate we can trust to at least not blow up our country even more.

Seven days. I already voted so at least my mind is made up, though my frustration and exhaustion remain.


Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog: bjaycooper.com.

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