Who can break the news to Trump? No one needs to

Since Election Day, since the world’s population minus one, has known the result of the presidential election, reporters and pundits keep writing, “Who has the standing to tell President Trump that it’s time to concede?”

I’m going to assume they were serious when they wrote those articles and columns but, as we’ve gotten to know, the real Donald Trump is what we’ve seen.

Meaning, if his favorite president, Andrew Jackson, came back to life leading a delegation of Abraham Lincoln, Marlin Luther King and John F. Kennedy, he would not listen to them.

So, quit kidding about “if only Sen. Mitch McConnell” would go to the White House and deliver the news,” and stop arguing about who is today’s Barry Goldwater who can march down and deliver the news. There is no one Donald J. Trump would listen to save, maybe, for his father coming to him.


And, by the way, President Trump knows it’s over. He’s not stupid. And he certainly doesn’t believe that millions of votes were changed by voting machines or illegal mail-in ballots came in that gave the election to Joe Biden. Please, he may be far from the best president we’ve ever had but he is not a stupid man. He just does stupid things.

I don’t know why he’s following this “strategy” of challenging everything rather than conceding. Maybe he’s: 1) demonstrating to his base that he will fight for them against all odds; 2) maintaining the persona he’s used for five years so he can run again four years from now; or, 3), just doing what Donald Trump has always done when backed into a corner — sue, sue sue.

Who knows?

You have to hand it to President-elect Biden though. He didn’t take Trump’s bait during the campaign and he’s not taking it now. He is just moving on putting together an administration. Whenever the General Services Administration head Emily Murphy “ascertains” the vote, whether Donald Trump ever concedes, the certain thing is that Biden will be sworn in on January 20.

Will Trump attend the inauguration? Highly unlikely. Will he counter program it with a rally of his own? Who knows?

But we do know that on January 20 at 12:05 p.m. the country’s problems and challenges will fall to Joe Biden to solve. Lock, stock and coronavirus.


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Former deputy White House press secretary (Reagan and Bush 41) and former head of communications at Republican Natl Committee. My blog: bjaycooper.com.

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